Campaign of the Month: February 2011


Chapter: 1


Breena s log

Theren s log

After my frightful dream I was not with my wits. I could not think of way out of chains and cell. I decided to bide my time and hopefully, when we were in sight of land, have an opportunity to escape.

I decided to amuse myself during the voyage by trying to start a prisoner uprising, perhaps I would even take over the ship! Plans, especially those so hastily put together, often do not work. I did manage to have some fun, although at a cost of some minor pain to myself. I came close to tearing out the throat of a particularly mean spirited guard and would have succeeded if it not for a well aimed shot from a halfling. A favour that I will soon repay. As I was beaten, I took the opportunity to reflect some more on my dream and became determined to escape. This dream can only mean that those truly responsible are still at large and I have work to do.

I managed to escape my cell while those around me were in a trance. This was not the most opportune time to escape, as there was no land in sight. After this beast brought the guards to a watery grave I felt compelled to slay it, as now it was leading more than those evil men to their deaths. This allowed me some favour with those still remaining on board and kept me out of my putrid cell.

Some time later we took on water during a storm. Below deck the screams of slaves could be heard and I at once new they had to be freed. With the help of an Eladrin and a minotaur, I managed to free most of them. The holes in the boat were not easily to be repaired so they were left. There was only one prisoner who I deemed worthy of releasing, a female Eladrin who has been cast out of the feywild as an unjust punishment. As for the rest of the prisoners, I had thoughts of releasing them but could not chance what evil they may bring to the world.

Once on deck a great beast with three heads appeared off of the side of the ship. A desperate battle ensued with the Eladrin and myself at the helm. We dealt mighty blow after mighty blow and although the beast is now only two-headed, our ship was lost.

Ciradin s log

There was a disruption today – Captain Axeager diverted course to investigate and bring aboard an addled old human floating in a small wooden boat, spewing nonsense. This seemed like an unnecessary risk, but nevertheless it is the Captain’s ship. The gnome Breena seemed interested in the old man, and he seemed nonthreatening enough, so I placed her in charge of supervising him rather than putting him in irons.

Shortly thereafter, there was a small prisoner rebellion, during which a drow prisoner attempted to escape – where he expected to escape to, Torm only knows. The drow was quickly subdued by the other guards with the help of Dendron the halfling, who pinned the prisoner with a well-placed arrow from the crow’s nest. The Captain later hired Dendron as full-time lookout, which is good because dwarves have terrible eyesight.


Several days later, we passed into a rough storm. The crew and passengers of the Feymillian banded together to keep the ship afloat – although I don’t know much about sailing, I was able to help furl the sails and freed a dwarf who was strangling in some tangled ropes with my sword. Breena fell overboard, but I helped the drow prisoner who rebelled before, Theren, haul her back on board. In spite of his earlier violence, he helped this stranger – perhaps he will redeem himself yet. In time, we weathered the storm.

A few nights passed, and I emerged from meditation in a strange trance, under a spell that gave me a beautiful sense of calm. A siren had bewitched most of the crew and passengers, causing them to leap off the ship and drown! Those of us who remained alive and aware engaged the foul, enticing creature and attempted to protect those who remained. Theren the prisoner escaped his cell in the confusion, but rather than fleeing he fought valiantly and dealt the slaying blow. One of the Teleri perished in the fray, under the siren’s spell. Curse me! What a failure on my part as a guard! And yet, banding together with this strange band of sailors and travellers (and a prisoner, no less) seems noble in its way.

We were left with a skeleton crew after the siren’s attack, with all able bodies helping to sail the ship. And then, catastrophe! Another storm some days later, and this time a deadly one. The Feymillian was taking water below decks on the slave’s level, and so Theren and I descended to seal the holes, with help from Breena the bard. The leaks proved too difficult to seal without proper equipment, and so we saved as many as we could with help from a minotaur slave. Just when things seemingly couldn’t get any more dire, we were attacked by a giant three-headed sea serpent! We fought it fiercely while the ship sank, but the beast was too fearfully powerful. It was a losing battle, and we had to retreat. I saw only a handful of other survivors – Theren the drow prisoner, Breena the gnome bard and Dendron the halfling ranger among them – through the waves as I was washed away to sea.



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