Campaign of the Month: February 2011


Chapter: 2 Continued


Ciradin s log

After resting a while to regain our strength, we ventured down to the second level below the befouled church, leaving the child and our dwarven companion behind. We came upon a room full of horrid statues depicting abhorent acts of violence. Theren scouted ahead but triggered a trap, and the statues began to spin rapidly, spewing arrows all around! Theren miraculously danced out of the way of the arrows, and Breena and I retreated up the stairs… the gnome caught an arrow in the toe, but otherwise we emerged unscathed.

Down a dank, roughly hewn tunnel we discovered a large, open cave, with a pool of blood and corpses bubbling in the centre. The floor began to shake, and out of the pool, to our shock, emerged a horrible metal construct, bristling with blades and covered in bloody corpses! After a fierce battle, just as the monstrosity was clutching Theren in a spiky fist, the construct died, and Theren rolled to safety.

We escaped the underground tunnels up a steep flight of stairs, only to find ourselves back in the church, where a human clad in armour confronted us. This man claimed to be a former paladin, now devolved into a corrupted minion of evil because the gods have abandoned this world. His masters are raising the dead and making constructs out of the bodies of the slain, like those we had fought in the crypt.

The forsaken paladin mocked us and entreated us to join his army of the dead – when we refused, he summoned more living dead and a fleshy golem. Although we dealt swiftly with these aberrations, the paladin escaped during the fray – I made chase out of the church only to find an endless legion of undead, constructs, and worse, and the paladin simply mocked us all the more as if we were nothing more than dust… and perhaps he is right. Even the child seems to think we are a useless band of adventurers, as we failed to save his father or anyone else. In the face of such overwhelming evil, how can we possibly stand and fight? For now, the undead army has paid us no heed… but for how long?

Theren s log

After our bodies had healed and we had some rest we unblocked the door and ventured out into the dark once more. We wisely decided to get rid of the useless child who was slowing us down, we left the dwarf with the child to keep him safe.

I am at home in the dark and shadows. I move unseen but occasionally the dark has its downside. I sprung a trap but deftly dove out of the way of the arrows. The gnome, Breena, took an arrow to her toe. One the trap had run out of arrows we ventured forth, Breena leaving a blood trail wherever we go.

We came upon a cavern with a pool of blood, Breena being clumsy with a damaged toe tripped into the pool and woke a horrible creature of flesh and metal. Just as the creature got me in his grasp he was felled.

Through a locked door that we had broken down we found stairs leading up to ground level, back in the defiled church to be exact. In this room we faced a number of undead and Ciradin chased their master outside. When Ciridin returned he looked grim, as he had seen thousands of dead on the march, no doubt on the way to the next town to collect more people to add to their hideous army.



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