Campaign of the Month: February 2011


Ciridan's Log

We awoke after a harrowing night in the deserted village to the sound of screaming. A strange human man dressed in similar garb to the corrupted paladin we encountered before was being tortured by a young woman. Most strange about him was his helmet, from which spikes protruded inwards to his head, and fixed his eyes open. Truly a horrible punishment. We stopped the girl, a singer or bard of some kind, and she claimed the paladin had something to do with the monstrous army – the man seemed genuinely confused and apparently had only vague recollections of the past. In spite of her objections, we freed the man – although his helm proved impossible to remove except by magic far more powerful than my own – and cautiously offered that he could travel with us. In these dark times, any survivors must be protected, although I remain ambivalent about our mysterious new companion. He has, however, proved most useful in battle. The bard, Cara, told us of more villagers who had escaped before the army arrived, and so we agreed to help find them before a group of evil creatures took them away. Once in the woods, it became apparent that foul frog-like creatures that move between the Feywild and this plane had already captured some, and were strewing the flayed skin of their victims around the trees. We engaged one, and the cowardly thing fled, and although we made valiant chase we became hopelessly lost and were attacked by a bear. It seems even the creatures of the wild have become savage in this forsaken land! Somehow we became separated from Cara in the process. I do not know what has become of her. Only after much wandering did we find the lair of the frog-beings, and after a short but brutal fight, we emerged victorious, but looking around at the flayed corpses, I began to wonder if there was anyone left to save…



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