The Eladrin warlock


Carthana, the Eladrin warlock, was once the most beautiful Eladrin in the entire realm. She was also a proud noble who was loved by her underlings and fellow aristocracy. But all of that changed when Carthana became pregnant with a child whose lineage was not pure Eladrin blood.

A child could not be born from an Eladrin that was not pure, leave that dirty breeding to the elves, they would often say. Carthana tried to run away, knowing full well that her child would be killed and perhaps her as well. However, she did not get far. One night, in the Feywild, she was captured by hired mercenaries. They took her back to the Eladrin kingdom and placed her in the tower dungeon. She was allowed to bring the child into the world, but only so that it could be killed infront of her.

When she was released she swore she would seek revenge. She enlisted the help of the Gods (and if you have not figured it out yet young one, they are not to be trusted!). She was told to go into Shadowfell, to seek the help of one of the many necromancers that inhabit the darker side of the Fey. Her wish was granted, but it was at a grave price. No members of the Fey should ever step foot into the Shadowfell. She was quickly corrupted and turned into the undead.

She eventually managed to escape Shadowfell. She learned that day that the Gods could never be trusted, as they did not even raise her baby back from the dead. Sadly, she also learned that she could not even trust her own race, or the race she was, I should say.


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