Sister of Theren


Like her brother Theren, her childhood was taken from her too soon. As one of the few survivors of her village, Ebora, she was picked up by a group of warriors who taught her and her brother to fight. While her brother learned the ways of the sword, she gravitated more toward the bow. They both become strong fighters for good (or as good as their racial tendencies allowed them to be) and swore to seek revenge on those responsible for burning down their village.

The evil warlord, Marorin Pegason, the one responsible for the twins village, was quickly brought to justice by the siblings.

Sadly, Theriss was brought close to death during the epic fight and her brother had to leave, for fear of his own life. He tried to stay, but as always, his sister was far too stubborn to let him throw his life away.

Little else is known of Theriss and where she is now. Perhaps it is best to accept her fate. May she find solace in death, to forever hide from the merciless Gods of Govaga in the beyond.


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