The mute sailor orc


Thokul is a proud and honorable male Orc who thinks of nothing but sex, the seas and knocking three times on the side of a door before he enters a building or else the entire world will combust into a tortuous hellfire. Yes, Thokul is just your average Orc.

Thokul is always first mate when he is on a ship with Panhorn. Both he and Panhorn gave up women a long time ago and now sail the seas together in search of a little coin and adventure. For Thokul, it was just nice to get away from his three wives. Like Panhorn, he believes that women talk too much. However, since Thokul has no tongue he believes everyone talks too much. But, his disdain for female Orcs is well founded, since Orcish women are by far the scariest females you`ll ever encounter on your journey. But, like I said before, they make for a wonderfully fun night in a tavern room. However, even I, a sprightly and virile Gnome would never attempt to bed three Orcish women at the same time. Although it would be a fun way to go, ho ho!


Govaga BrokenClock