Drow are a decadent race of dark elves whose beauty and sophistication fail to mask hearts all too often stained in evil. The vast majority of dark elves base their behavior and attitudes on the worship of the chaotic evil goddess Lolth, also known as the Spider Queen.

Most Drow are singularly wicked. They are cruel in their dealings with others and treacherous among themselves. In the pursuit of power, status, and Lolth’s favor, drow houses compete with each other to amass wealth and enslave weaker races. The fickle whims of Lolth’s priestesses demand absolute obedience, driving the race to further evil.

However, this was not always so. The Drow at one time were no different from the Elves. Long ago, they were simply considered Elves with darker skin and lighter hair. They were loved by all Elven brethren, until the Great Elven Fallout. Once the Elves pantheon of Gods turned against them, they too followed suit and turned against each other.

The Drow were blamed by both the Eladrin and the Elves. They were told that because of the colour of their skin and hair they were not made in the image of the pantheon and because of this, because the Drow were considered an error in reproduction, they were banished to the subterranean domain known as the Underdark.

The Drow flourished in the Underdark. They developed large and glorious cities. But with their emergence as a powerful race in Golvaga came the introduction of a new God to worship, Lolth. In time, the Drow began to change and became wicked and self-serving. They showed no compassion for the weak and enjoyed cheating and stealing. The other elven races saw this and felt justified in their banishment. But it was not just the other Elves who saw the evil in the Drow. The Humans, who you can find almost everywhere in Govaga, saw the Drow as a threat to their upright moral standards. One man, Marorin Pegason, took it upon himself to rid Govaga of the Drow. He burnt down most of their cities with a large army of mages and warriors. The Drow barely stood a chance, as they had no army due to their inability to work together.

Some say the Drow are an extinct race. Some say the Drow got what they deserved. Some say that Drow still live, spread out around the land, waiting to get revenge on those who consider them the natural embodiment of evil. Nothing proves a point like a dagger in the eye.


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