Eladrins live partially in the Feywild. Their cities are beautiful and sometimes vanish before your eyes, since they are built where the veil between the natural world and the Feywild is thin. Like their racial brethrn, the Elves, they live near the desert coasts. Although that was not always so.

Long ago, the Eladrin, the Elves and the Drow (although they were not considered Drow back then) lived primarily in the forests. They loved nature and the trees, almost as much as we Gnomes. But, their love for eachother and even their love for nature soon changed. Back then, all Elvish races loved and worshiped the pantheon of God’s known as the Seldarine. The Seladrine were kind God’s that would often aid the Elvish people when it was needed. But, like all things in Govaga, that too soon changed.

I’ve never known the real reason behind the Seldraine’s change of alignment, but rumors tell of a deal struck with Orcus, God of the Underworld. Instead of answering the Elvish people’s prayers, the Seldraine began to torture all elvish races with sickness and famine. The forests started burning and their rich lands began to turn into dry wastelands. Some blamed it on the Eladrin, for the Seldraine must be punishing all of them for the Eladrin’s vanity and total detachment from the natural world. Others blamed the Elves, for their abandonment of the Fey. Most blamed the Drow, not because of anything they did, but because of the way they looked. Surely they were not made in the image of the Seladrine.

Because of their growing hatred for their Elvish brothers, the Eladrin became more apathetic toward the natural world than ever before. But fear not, the Eladrin should be in this world for a long time, as the Halflings seem to get their attention very easily and keep the Eladrin on their toes in the natural world. Mostly because toes are the first thing Halflings go for. So always watch your step! Ho ho!


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