The kingdom of Telrain (Tell-RAIN) is old, yet strong and vigorous. This civilized land carved iteself out of a wilder territory through grit, bravery, and determination. Though the land has a reputation of goodly rule, as Torm was one of the few God’s who avoided corruption, sometimes Telrain has had to make difficult choices to ensure its secruity. Its most contested border is along the desert of Sardin(Sarah-DIN), home of the ravenous Halflings (the cannibals of the sand). Many times the noble familes of Telrain would seek genocide, to ensure the saftey of their children. Sadly, many offspring are lost to the Halflings that sometimes come in the dead of the night to feast.

Telrain is dominated by the Eladrin, a race that would never receive an ale on the house, at least not on the mainland. Self-perceived divinity has its price, I guess. The land is ruled by the various noble houses who sometimes feud over silly things, ignorant to the real dangers of the land. The Teleri family has the power for now, but that will quickly change as is the nature of Telrain.

Agriculture is the underlying strength of the kingdom. Telrain was once heavily forested, but generations of clearing and farming has reduced the woodlands to sacred properties that are often fought over by the Eladrin families. Let us get something straight here though, the Eladrin would never work the fields themselves. Oh no, no Eladrin wants ALL of the Halflings dead. Afterall, if they killed them all who would plow their fields and put food in their stomachs? Leave it to the Eladrin to ignore the irony of their relationship with the Halflings. The Halflings feed them during the day and feed on them during the night. Ho ho!


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