Age: 124
Sex: Male
Race: Eladrin
Class: Rogue


Appearance: Korine has dark hair and eyes, and skin with a yellowish-green hue.
His emaciated-looking body supports a long, slender face that harbours more wrinkles than it has earned. Korine wears old, light leather armour, and tattered garments that awkwardly drape his scrawny figure. His dress style emulates that of Eladrin nobility, though it is nowhere near as sophisticated.

Background: Once childhood friends, Korine was born into the same social caste as Ciridan. Educated at great expense in the crafts of archery, magic, and the dramatic arts, Korine was expected to carry on the family name, performing and entertaining for the Eladrin nobles. However, during his last performance, Korine’s malicious depiction of the Eladrin aristocracy, and the subsequent onstage rift that followed, humiliated his family and incensed the Eladrin nobility. Korine’s family was forbidden from entertaining the royal service. (or anyone else in the Fey for that matter)

After the falling-out with his family, Korine led a nomadic existence. He was usually found lurking about dark city streets, performing simple deceptions that were elaborately veiled by his theatrics until his audiences grew weary. When he wasn’t using his education and charisma to purloin gold from naive townsfolk, Korine moonlighted as a rogue mercenary—often compensating for his lack of experience by fabricating tales of his adventures abroad. He is even writing a book about his far-fetched exploits: The Charades and Escapades of the Illustrious Korine.

Despite his previous disposition, Korine still yearns to be among the noble and wealthy Eladrin. Over time, these aspirations have manifested themselves into megalomania; Korine is notorious for tall tales and white lies. And unlike his Eladrin brethren, Ciridan, Korine has difficulty conforming within the confines of structure. He is motivated instead by the thrills of adventure and deceit, and the glimmer of gold.


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